The website will show your most active ten contacts Your contacts are sorted by the most used top 10 contacts followed by alphabetical order. To search for a contact type in the contact name and the search engine will dynamically search for them.

New Contact

To add a contact click the New button. If the contact is a member of myloop you can invite them immediately to join your loop. If they do not hold an account you can always keep them in myloop by adding them as an info contact and send them email updates.


All existing projects sit in a list and can be searched for using a dynamic search engine. When starting a new project you can add as few or as many of your contacts to the project. When it comes time to assign tasks or send information this is the list of contacts you choose from.


Tasks can be viewed from the web site or handheld device using the same options. Date – Priority – Overdue – Search

New Task

Adding a new task is simple. By filling in the provided fields and assigning the task to a project, you are now ready to allocate the task to a contact within the project. Just select the correct contact and press Save. A push message is sent to their handheld device and an email to their inbox with all of the information you need them to have.

Task History

Now that your task is ready, myloop keeps you up to date and informed, anywhere around the world.

Phone App

Use your phone to add photos, mark up drawings and record all the information you need!

myloop member benefits

  • Projects managed
  • Tasks managed
  • E-Audit trails
  • Unlimited storage
  • Record everything
  • Total recall
  • iPhone/iPad/web
  • Protects profits
  • Schedules tasks
  • In sync
  • Free trail (full use)
  • Free app
  • Business network


See how cost effective myloop is for your business!

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An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of litigation

Doug Skelton LLB, Construction Lawyer, McKays Solicitors
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Want to see how it works? Have a look at our screenshots and videos to see how myloop can work for you.


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