reduce management

reduce management

myloop saves time and money

myloop Business Information Processing System (BIPS) will help to dramatically reduce paperwork and overheads. Super-efficient online data collection storage management is possible. myloop records every step. Everything is stored safely within the myloop website, even if using our iPhone/iPad app. You control user access. myloop serves as a document management system, keeping everyone up to date and informed. Send a message and your team will get it, first time, on time. Instantly go from wasteful vertical management to flat management. Take charge of your paperwork today.

Stephanie Zhang - Expert Author with Ezine Articles had this to say:

“When you start converting in-office papers to electronic files, you lose a lot of the clutter typically found in an office. You also lose the risk of losing papers or misplacing files. You gain the ability to have more than one person working with the same file at one time. With a physical file someone has to take possession of it, and then others have to track it down if they need it to complete their work. That doesn't happen when everyone can access the same file simultaneously.”

Increase efficiency with myloop. Save time with myloop. Save money with myloop.

myloop member benefits

  • Projects managed
  • Tasks managed
  • E-Audit trails
  • Unlimited storage
  • Record everything
  • Total recall
  • iPhone/iPad/web
  • Protects profits
  • Schedules tasks
  • In sync
  • Free trail (full use)
  • Free app
  • Business network


See how cost effective myloop is for your business!

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An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of litigation

Doug Skelton LLB, Construction Lawyer, McKays Solicitors
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Want to see how it works? Have a look at our screenshots and videos to see how myloop can work for you.


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