myloop's pricing is based on the number of workers you have created in your loop. So if you create your own account then add another two workers, you will be charged for three users. Alternatively, if you invite other people into your loop as workers, you are not charged for them as they have their own accounts.

Try myloop for free. Sign up and use myloop for 30 days before we even ask for your payment details!

It's Free?

Yes, for the first thirty days you can use myloop for free. Set up an account on the website, download the app, add employees, do what you want! We won't ask for your payment details until your trial period is about to expire!

When Do I Have To Pay?

Once you have used myloop for the trial period, we'll send you an email telling you your trial has expired. In order to continue using myloop we will ask you for your credit card details which will be verified with SecurePay. You will be charged once per month for access to the myloop site.

What Is A User?

A user is a worker you have created in your loop. Every such user counts towards your user count, which will then be charged as per the above table. If someone else has a myloop account and you invite them into your loop as a worker, you will NOT be charged for that user as they already have their own account for which they have paid.

Do You Store My Credit Card Details?

No we don't. We will register your credit card details with the SecurePay payment system for a recurring monthly payment. But once that's done, we don't hold your credit card details at all.

myloop member benefits

  • Projects managed
  • Tasks managed
  • E-Audit trails
  • Unlimited storage
  • Record everything
  • Total recall
  • iPhone/iPad/web
  • Protects profits
  • Schedules tasks
  • In sync
  • Free trail (full use)
  • Free app
  • Business network


See how cost effective myloop is for your business!

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An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of litigation

Doug Skelton LLB, Construction Lawyer, McKays Solicitors
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Want to see how it works? Have a look at our screenshots and videos to see how myloop can work for you.


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