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people. projects. tasks. connect your business.

Stay in contact, manage your Projects, Tasks and Employees. Keep an Audit trail for everything you do. myloop is a dedicated Business Network- A powerful project and task management system. Scales up and down to suit your operation. Organise your daily tasks and take control of your workforce from your desktop/ laptop computer or your iPhone or iPad!

mobile task management

Mobile Task Management

Don't be chained to your desk - myloop lives in your pocket! Get full functionality using our iPhone app.

workflow insurance

Workflow Insurance

myloop protects your position and reduces disputes. How many times have you said, "If we had recorded that, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

simple to use

Simple To Use

The simplicity of myloop is its strength; but the more you use it the more value you will see in it.

reduce management

Reduce Management

For many businesses myloop will facilitate a shift from wasteful vertical management to super-flat, super-efficient data collection and management.

record, store, recall, protect!

Recording tasks on the fly and keeping comprehensive audit trails is now more critical than ever as contract work is now favoured by most industries. Contract terms are becoming tighter and you need a modern approach of recording and distributing information between you and your staff. myloop records, stores, distributes and recalls information wherever you are. myloop enhances your ability to collect payment, avert argument, save time and protects your profit margin.

myloop can be used across a range of industries. Anywhere you need to track tasks to be performed, you need myloop.


Record work completed, payment variations/ extras/ delays, record instructions and collect signatures. Avoid disputes with time and date stamped entries including drawings, photos and text. You can even draw on the photo's to show what your text relates to. Act quickly on notices and obligations instead of spending valuable time gathering information through a cumbersome reporting chain.

Maintenance / Facility Management

Manage your entire maintenance team from your desk or mobile. No more hours spent travelling to hot spots. Get the information, make the decision, keep a dynamic record and move on.


Photograph and time stamp your daily deliveries. If a client complains that the delivery didn't arrive, send them a photo with the time and date. End of argument.


You don't need to travel to the job; have your workers photograph the item and send it to the you. Sign it off, then on with the job, all in a few minutes.


Movie pickers photograph set items and record item prices and send them through for client approval. You don't have to leave the source, just keep looking and wait for an answer.

Real Estate

Property managers doing the rounds for bond pay outs collect information and photos from the house and sync them back to the office for a colleague to start the data entry or for yourself later in the day.

Insurance Assessors

Do all your site assessments with photos, drawings and other information, sync them back to the office, send to others for action; then head home. Job done.

myloop member benefits

  • Projects managed
  • Tasks managed
  • E-Audit trails
  • Unlimited storage
  • Record everything
  • Total recall
  • iPhone/iPad/web
  • Protects profits
  • Schedules tasks
  • In sync
  • Free trail (full use)
  • Free app
  • Business network


See how cost effective myloop is for your business!

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An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of litigation

Doug Skelton LLB, Construction Lawyer, McKays Solicitors
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Want to see how it works? Have a look at our screenshots and videos to see how myloop can work for you.


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